Can I pair two RIVA S speakers together?

Yes, with the TrueWireless™ mode you can connect two RIVA S speakers in left and right channel stereo. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the first RIVA S. This will be known as the "master" speaker. Make sure your audio source is connected via Bluetooth or the auxiliary input.
  • Turn on your second RIVA S, then, on the master speaker press and hold the Surround and - buttons until the speaker announces "TrueWireless".
  • On the second RIVA S, hold Surround and + until it also announces "TrueWireless". Wait a few moments.
  • Both speakers will simultaneously announce "TrueWireless is paired."

There may be a brief delay as the speakers establish their connection, and then your audio will play through both speakers in left and right channel stereo. 

Note: You may only connect two RIVA S speakers.  You can not connect a RIVA Turbo X with a RIVA S. 


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