How do I charge the battery for my RIVA S?

To charge your RIVA S, simply plug the included power adapter into the 19V DC input on the back of your speaker. Plug the other end of the adapter into an outlet and make sure that the outlet is active (particularly if it connected to a light switch). For the RIVA S, it does not matter if the battery switch is set to ON or OFF, it will charge either way. 

To verify that your speaker is charging after you plug in the power adapter, check the battery LED located to the right of the battery switch. When charging, this LED should be flashing. If the LED is solid green, this means that the speaker has completed charging. You can also check how much charge is left on the battery in the RIVA Audio app. After you've launched the app and connected it to your RIVA S, you should see the remaining battery charge percentage at the top center, in between the "power" and "settings" buttons.

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