How do I use the speakerphone on the RIVA S?

Make sure that your phone is paired to your RIVA S via bluetooth. There are two ways to accept an incoming call: on the phone, or on the speaker. If you answer the call on your phone, certain phone models will require you to then select the RIVA S as your audio output (similar to how you would normally switch to speakerphone on your phone). Otherwise, you can accept a call directly on the RIVA S by tapping the + button. To reject an incoming call, or end a current call directly on the RIVA S, tap the Surround button. 

The RIVA S has dual noise and echo canceling microphones located on top of the speaker. It will pick up your voice from any side, but it is advised that you speak toward the speaker. For this reason, you do not need to speak into the microphone on your phone. Just like any other time you pair via Bluetooth, the maximum range between your phone and the RIVA S is verified at 33 feet, though we have heard reports of being able to go beyond that.

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