How do I update my WAND speaker?

As soon as your speaker is connected to Wi-Fi it will search for automatic software updates.
• If an update is available, the LED light ring will cycle flashing Red/Blue/Green until the update is complete.
• DO NOT unplug the power when the speaker system is updating.
• The speaker will automatically reboot and reconnect to the Wi-Fi when completed.
• Your speaker is connected to Wi-Fi and ready to use when the LED light ring is solid white.
• If the speaker continues to flash Red/Blue/Green for more than 10 minutes, please try unplugging the power on both the speaker and the wireless router, wait 15 seconds and re-plug the power back in, then the speaker will complete the update process and reboot within a few minutes.

To verify that your speakers have the latest firmware, and for instructions on how to manually update your speakers if necessary, please visit .


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