How do I set up Alexa after setting up my Voice Series speaker through AirPlay?

How do I set up Alexa after setting up my Voice Series speaker through AirPlay? 

  1. Open the RIVA Voice app. Your Voice Series speaker should appear. If not, tap on the refresh icon in the upper right corner. 

  1. Tap on the Alexa icon to login to enable voice commands 

  1. Tap on the Amazon login button on the small window that comes up 

  1. Tap on the Login with Amazon button on the lower right corner. It should automatically log you into your Amazon account. You should hear an accelerating tone which confirms voice commands are now activated. 

  1. Tap on the Done link on the upper left corner. This will take you back to the RIVA Voice app. You can now ask questions or tell Alexa commands. 



    Make  sure  Bluetooth  and  Location  Services  are  turned  ON  or  Enabled  on  your  device. 

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