What if I cannot see my speakers in the Amazon Alexa app?

What if I cannot see my speakers in the Amazon Alexa app?

Open the RIVA Voice app. Tap on the refresh icon in the upper right corner. Check to see if speaker appears after refresh. If it does, confirm that the “Speaker is ready for commands”. If not, it may say “Login to enable voice commands”. If this is the case, tap on the Alexa icon to the right side. Then tap on the “Amazon login” button on the small window that comes up. You’ll then need to tap on the “Login with Amazon” button on the lower right corner. It should automatically log you into your Amazon account. You should hear an accelerating tone which confirms voice commands are now activated.

Tap on the Done link on the upper left corner. This will take you back to the RIVA Voice app. Close the RIVA Voice app. Open the Alexa app. Navigate to the listing of devices and your speaker should now appear after refreshing the screen. If this does not resolve your issue.

Reset the speaker by pressing and holding the Play/Pause and << buttons for 3 seconds until the LED ring flashes BLUE, then let go. After a few seconds, the BLUE light will come back on. Then it will begin to pulse. Wait for the pulsing BLUE LED light to turn to a pulsing WHITE light. It is now ready to be added to your Wi-Fi network. Reconnect the speaker to the network. If you choose to setup the speaker as an

AirPlay speaker, after setup is done, follow the instructions listed in the previous paragraph.

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