Using your WAND Speakers

How can I tell if my optional Arena battery is charging?

To see if your ARENA battery is charging, or to check the amount of charge on the battery, launch the WAND app. At the main screen with the list of speakers, you should see a battery icon next to the name of an...

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When charging my optional Arena battery, does it matter if I'm using Home or Away Mode?

Your Arena battery will charge as long as it is connected to a speaker, and that speaker is plugged into an outlet for power. The switch on the back of the speaker to designate Home or Away mode has no effect o...

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How do I turn off my WAND speaker

You can turn OFF your Arena to save the battery charge How to turn OFF: Press and hold down the Play/Pause (center button) on top of the speaker for 15 seconds. The light will turn OFF and by doing this, it wi...

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